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The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is facing an escalating fiscal and debt crisis. The factors that created this crisis are complex and have evolved over decades. Compounding the issue all government and political business is conducted in Spanish.

This wiki is a repository for members of the U.S. Congress, other policy makers, academics, investors, the media and the general public to understand the challenges facing Puerto Rico in 2016 and to provide data and information to begin crafting long term sustainable solutions.

This wiki was developed and is maintained by Cate Long of Puerto Rico Clearinghouse (contact).


Puerto Rico Oversight Board

Litigation related to Promesa

Federal government

Federal legislation

PROMESA Approved in the U.S. Senate June 29, 2016

U.S. House correspondence

U.S. House legislation

U.S. Senate correspondence

U.S. Senate legislation

Congressional hearings

Congressional lobbying

Executive branch efforts

Puerto Rico at SCOTUS

Puerto Rico v. Sanchez Valle

Puerto Rico v. Franklin California Tax-Free Trust

Litigation generated by Promesa

Puerto Rico in federal courts

Walmart vs Puerto Rico

Assured Guaranty vs Puerto Rico

Brigade vs Government Development Bank

National vs Government of Puerto Rico

Jacana Holdings vs Government of Puerto Rico

Lex Claims LLC vs Government of Puerto Rico

Federal funds to PR

Control board literature

Jones Act

Puerto Rico at the United Nations

Puerto Rico debt

Puerto Rico debt clawbacks

Puerto Rico local debt moratorium

Consensual debt negotiations

Puerto Rico govt debt restructuring proposals

PR Fiscal and Economic Growth Plans

Puerto Rico debt service schedule

Debt by type

PR legislation regarding debt

Creditor responses to PR government

Puerto Rico Legislature Debt Review Commission

PR bond insurers

PR debt commentary

Soverign debt restructuring commentary

Puerto Rico government

Puerto Rico financial statements

Puerto Rico general fund budgets

Priority of payment circulars

Puerto Rico judiciary

Puerto Rico government employment

Puerto Rico govt tech spending

Puerto Rico municipal governments

Puerto Rico government corruption

Puerto Rico pension systems

Puerto Rico agencies and public corporations

Government Development Bank (GDB)

Prasa (water utility)

Prepa (electric utility)

University of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico tax system

Puerto Rico tax system reviews

Tax collections

Law 20/22 - exemption for US investors from island & federal taxes

Introduction of VAT tax

Puerto Rico data

Economic data

Consumer activity data

Employment data

Population data

Bankruptcy data

External trade





Economic development

Regulatory oversight of Puerto Rico securities

Puerto Rico financial industry

Financial regulators

Commercial banks

Credit unions (cooperativos)

Puerto Rico health care

Puerto Rico education system

Municipal bankruptcy

Government debt data

  • State debt burdens

Initiatives to increase Puerto Rico government transparency